Kelly Salsa
Image made by Calena


!avatar {mention} - See the mentined user avatar.
!nsfw - Receive the NSFW Role if your age is +18.
!userinfo - See your user info.
!serverinfo - See the server info.
!checkwarn {mention} - Check user warn.


!roll {number} - Roll the tiny dice.
!figlet {text} - Turns text into ascii art.
!tiny {text} - Turns text into tiny text.
!ratewaifu {text} - Rates your waifu.
!rateship {text} - Rates your ship.


!clear {count} - Set a number of messages to clear the channel.
!raffle {mention} - Make a raffle inside a mentined role or everyone.
!kick {mention} - Kicks a member from a server.
!ban {mention} - Bans a member from a server.
!warn {mention} {text} - Warn a user.
!setwarn {mention} {number} - Set user warn.
!check_nsfw {mention} - Check user age.